Google to cut Motorola Mobility’s manpower


CNET is reporting that Motorola Mobility is set to cut their current staff size by about 20%, in an attempt to rejuvenate the company.

The New York Times added that about 1/3 of the 4,000 individuals to be cut is based in the United States, while 1/3 of the company’s North American offices will be closed.

Motorola Mobility was acquired by Google for $12.4 billion dollars last May.

Motorola Mobility has seen its share of market drop. Google isn’t clear what to do with the company but they have publicized that buying the company was a way to use their number of patents and patent applications.

Google is set to trim the number of handsets that Motorola Mobility produces.

Google is hoping that the thousands of patents of the company will be their key to drive the Android business and defend and expand their market.

Rumors have been circulating that Google will be selling the company by parts, including Motorola Mobility’s set-top box division which supplies hardware to cable providers in the United States.

Whatever the plan of Google to Motorola Mobility is, they have not aired any comment regarding the company’s future. Though the job cuts could signify a bleak future for Motorola Mobility, downsizing might also imply Google’s plan to revamp their roster.

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