Ebay to ban sale of psychic and magic goods on site


Those of us who believe in spell and potions might fight it hard to accept Ebay’s decision to ban the sale of magic and psychic goods that include the former.

During their fall 2012 update, Ebay banned the sale of “advice; spells; curses; hexing; conjuring; magic; prayers; blessing services; magic potions; healing sessions; work from home businesses & information; wholesale lists, and drop shop lists.”

These items have not been pulled out as of this writing, so those of you who want to purchase some can still do.
According to Ebay, “Transactions in these categories often result in issues between the buyer and seller that are difficult to resolve. To help build confidence in the marketplace for both buyers and sellers, eBay is discontinuing these categories and including the items on the list of prohibited items.”

Since Ebay is considered as one of the world’s, if not the world’s, biggest online shopping site, they are only protecting their name and their clientele. Since transactions occur from one individual to another, Ebay would just like to protect those who buy things in their online shop.

Scammers are abound in Ebay and the company has received a number of complaints regarding transactions that include the aforementioned items.

Are you a frequent buyer of potions and spells? What can you say about this move by Ebay?

Image Source: blog.timesunion.com