Sophos: Don’t forward Facebook/Olympic Torch virus


Isn’t it a very difficult time for us nowadays, as the dawn of technological advancement has brought a number of new dangers that could possibly lead to hackers, being able to get sensitive information from you that they could use for their own good?

Well, even the 2012 London Olympics weren’t sparred from these unruly individuals.

According to security firm Sophos, an email is currently being passed around that urges recipients to forward them. This, according to Sophos, it what they dub as the “Facebook/Olympic Torch virus.”

According to Sophos, by forwarding this message widely, you are in turn helping the “bad guys”. They are saying that recipients must think first before they click on the message. They added that you might as well delete the message and not open it or forward it, in order to avoid the virus.

This email could very well place you and others email addresses in danger as scammers and cybercriminals cold prey on them.

Sophos added that these email “might be scooped up by real malware, sent off to cybercrooks, and sold on to spammers and scammers.”

The email is spreading like wildfire in cyberspace and claims that an attachment called “Invitation FACEBOOK” is a virus that opens an Olympic torch that could destroy your hard drive.

Are you careful when opening emails? Be careful with the virus!

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