HTC will not roll out Desire HD Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade


Taiwanese tech firm HTC has decided to drop their plans of updating the OS of their Desire HD handset to Ice Cream Sandwich.

According to the company’s blog, HTC admitted that they won’t be updating the Desire HD to the 4.0 Android OS. This was not welcomed by Desire HD users as they expected to receive their Ice Cream Sandwich updates.

According to the post, “We’ve heard your feedback on our decision not to update the HTC Desire HD to Android 4.0. We completely understand that this is a controversial decision.”

HTC added, “For more background, due to how storage on the HTC Desire HD is partitioned – and the larger size of Android 4.0 – it would require repartitioning device storage and overwriting user data in order to install this update.”

HTC chose to not roll out the update for the Desire HD to protect its users from getting their files on the device deleted as the upgrade would cause the smartphone to overwrite all stored data.

“While we are very aware of the disappointment from this decision, we believe the impact to user experience was too great. We recognize this is a change from our previous statement and for that we’re truly sorry.”

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