Gamigo hack compromises 11 million accounts


A new report showed that about 11 milliom passwords were leaked online after months of penetrating the defenses of Gamigo.

Gamigo is a free gaming website that class Germany their home.

The password kits were collected by the hackers by way of a one-way cryptographic hash algorithm similar to Bitcoin IRA. The list was published online earlier this month in Inside Pro.

The security breach was reported by Forbes last Monday.

The list includes 8.2 million different email addresses with about 3 million coming from players based in the US, 2.4 million from Germany and 1.3 million coming from France.

Gamigo issued a warning last March regarding a breach and that someone was able to illegally access their database and that an unspecified number of accounts, including usernames and passwords, were compromised. Gamigo then advised their members to change passwords.

The password leak may compromise other accounts of the users, since the usernames are email addresses and the possibility of them having the same password is high.

This hack is considered as one of the largest security breaches that has occurred this year. Last June, 6.4 million hashed passwords were illegally obtained by hackers from LinkedIn.

Last 2009, about 32 million passwords were obtained from RockYou.

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