RIM: BlackBerry App World hits 3 billion download mark


With all the turbulences that Research In Motion is facing at the moment, a glimmer of hope still shines for the once industry leader.

After all the problems that RIM has faced, this development will be welcomed with open arms.

BlackBerry App World has achieved a new landmark, as they have recorded three billion downloads from their app site.

According to the BlackBerry blog, the three billion downloads were achieved in 1,172 days. If we do the math that is 2.5 million downloads daily.

This only means that RIM still has a niche in the market and that people still purchase their BlackBerry handsets and still enjoy them.

This is a cause for optimism, as RIM reached 1 billion downloads in a longer span than they achieving 3 billion downloads. It took RIM 4 times longer to hit the 1 billion mark than hitting the 3 billion milestone.

RIM said, “What’s even more important – and impressive – is that the number of daily downloads continues to increase. It took 786 days to reach the one billion mark, 210 days to reach two billion and only 176 days to reach the three billion number.”

Kudos to BlackBerry App World for hitting their 3 billion download mark.

Can RIM turn this milestone to a rallying point?

Image Source: ubergizmo.com