Jelly Bean soon to hit HTC, ASUS and Samsung


For many Apple users, the question that hits their mind is “When will I get the iOS6 update?” For Android fans, however, the question they beg to ask is more akin to “Will I get Jelly Bean?” This is rather annoying for many Android fans, because for a while now, many of them are still asking when and will they get Ice Cream Sandwich.

Fragmentation sure has been a long standing problem for the platform. Android Jelly Bean just came out and people want a piece of it badly. The problem with new OS releases is that the users are not able to get the update as quickly as Apple users, and it is even a big question mark if they will ever be even lucky enough to get that update. The hardware differences and manufacturer dedication to updates has been one of the sources of frustration for many users.

So far, there are only two devices in the market with pre-installed Jelly Bean: the Nexus 7 and the Galaxy Nexus. All other devices are waiting for the update, and looks like they only have “months” to wait for now.

Samsung has reportedly reached a phase where they are almost ready to release the Jelly Bean update to their flagship phone: the Samsung Galaxy S III. Reports also suggest that they will soon update the 2nd generation flagship device: the Samsung Galaxy S II. Since the original Samsung Galaxy S did not even qualify for the Ice Cream Sandwich update of Android, it is expected that it will not get the update. People are still holding their breath with an update to other devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note. If the Samsung Galaxy S 2 is anything to go by, the Note should have that update later on.

The Samsung Galaxy S III’s rival, the HTC One X, will also get a piece of the Jelly Bean jar. It is reported to also include the HTC One XL as well, as the HTC One S in the update plans. There was no mention of how long users will have to wait for the new version of Android, but it should be a little faster than their Ice Cream Sandwich timeframe, because the Jelly Bean update is not as huge an overhaul like the Ice Cream Sandwich.

While Samsung was the host for the Galaxy Nexus, ASUS is the main contractor for the creation of the Nexus 7. It should then be understandable that they have firsthand access to the OS and should be able to incorporate the new OS to their existing devices. ASUS confirms that the Transformer tablets will have the much awaited Jelly Bean update in the “coming months”.

You can be sure that carrier updates will prolong the process further than the international unlocked versions. Excited yet?

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