Facebook changing notifications?


Facebook was always known for its tendency never to rest, testing new features, almost every week. And this week is not an exception.

Facebook seems to be experimenting this time with notifications and the way they appear. Facebook developers seem to be concerned that notifications are easily ignored by users and that is why they are testing on some people the pop-up notifications. Since the existing notifications fade out by the time they appear, the new pop-up notifications stay on the homepage for about five seconds, allowing you to notice them at your own pace..

This means of course that they might become even more annoying, especially for those that receive a lot of notifications. They might be useful for some, though, even if we don’t have to be happy or unhappy with it yet, since we might not even see it on our homepages. Facebook is known to be testing various things, which do not always end to our homepages. And judging on this idea, I wouldn’t be surprised if it never reached our homepages.

Would you like to have such pop-up notifications on your Facebook then?

Image Source: allfacebook.com