Fujitsu develops smartphone for elderly and technophobes


Japanese company Fujitsu is trying to make lives easier for technophobes as the company is working to tap this demography to boost sales.

Fujitsu developed the F-12D device as part of their Raku-Raku line of devices. “Raku-Raku” is a Japanese term which means “ease to use” in English.

This line of devices is primarily developed to simplify technology for people suffering from technophobia and the elderly.

Fujitsu is working closely with Google to develop a new interface that will not bombard individuals with icons and touch screens that are seemingly hard to grasp or understand.

The F-12D of Fujitsu runs on Google’s Android but it still isn’t known what version of operating system it carries.

According to TechRadar, Fujitsu developed a way where a simple touch of an icon won’t open the latter automatically. Instead, a single tap on the icon will only highlight it and a second touch is required to open the icon or app.

Research In Motion is also trying to develop a smartphone for this demography.

The company’s BlackBerry Storm has a similar touch rule with the Fujitsu F-12D.

Unfortunately, the Fujitsu F-12D is only set to be released in Japan for the meantime. But the company is saying that they will release F-12D in foreign markets sometime in the future.

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