AT&T charges subscribers for FaceTime calls?


Popular app FaceTime has seen a lot of success due to its ease of use and great applicability. FaceTime used to only work over WiFi networks but then Apple announced during the WWDC that FaceTime will officially work over cellular data networks.

A lot of individuals jumped for joy with the announcement since they can now use FaceTime even without WiFi.

But then folks from 9to5mac discovered that when you use FaceTime on your iOS device over 3G on AT&T iPhone running on the recent iOS 6 beta, a rather surprising message would appear: “To enable FaceTime over cellular on this account, contact AT&T at 611 or visit”

What used to be thought as a free means of communication seems to turn into a pay-for-use product. But then who can blame AT&T if they decide on charging individuals for use of their bandwidth? Since individuals will be using AT&Ts bandwidth when they use FaceTime, it would be natural for them to charge individuals for it.

But when you are under an unlimited data plan then, why would AT&T charge you when you use FaceTime?

9to5mac also tested also tried FaceTime using the Verizon iPad. But they weren’t greeted by a message that seems to redirect them for FaceTime usage.

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