Barnes and Noble partners with skobbler to bring ForeverMap 2 to Nook


Tablet manufacturer Barnes and Noble is going to enter a new frontier, as the company is going to add maps through map service provider skobbler in their Nook tablets.

Barnes and Noble is partnering with the German based map provider to bring skobbler’s ForeverMap 2 app to their Nook app marketplace.

The ForeverMap 2 basic is a free download, while the paid version is available for $4.99 which gives to he user access to offline access for the map app.

Barnes and Noble currently relies on Google Web maps for navigation purposes. Nook tablets, including the Nook Color, don’t have built in GPS capabilities.

The ForeverMap 2 app uses WiFi to access data for the map. That is why you have to pay for the offline use of the app.

Barnes and Noble director of developer relations Claudia Romanini said that their partnership with skobbler “signals a brand new opportunity for nook app developers to create location aware apps, products and services that help our millions of Nook Tablet and Nook Color customers experience and navigate their physical surroundings in unique and innovative ways.”

Barnes and Noble realizes that without built-in GPS capabilities, their Nook tablets have a big drawback in them. Hopefully they’d develop a new Nook in the future with a built-in capability.

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