Android and iOS still top in smartphone arena


Android and iOS devices are clearly lording it over their rivals in the smartphone department. Data released by Gartner showed that 80% of the world’s smartphones run on either Google or Android’s operating systems.

To reinforce this, Apple said that they were able to sell 26 million iPhones during the period of April-June. This is up by 28% from the same period a year ago. Android based smartphone manufacturers HTC, Motorola Mobility (which is now owned by Google), Samsung and other manufacturers that carry the OS have contributed to the success that Android was able to achieve.

Of the total smartphone market, Android currently has 36.4% share or 81.1 million units sold. This figure is up from 36.4% last year.
Apple on the other hand has 33.1 million units sold or 22.9% share of the total smartphone market up by 16.9% a year ago. Symbian which is commonly used by low end Nokia smartphones has a share of 8.6% or 12.5 million units sold.

Research In Motion’s BlackBerry OS sold 9.9 million units and has a market share of 6.9% which is down from the previous year’s 13.9%. Samsung Electronic’s BAD has sold 3.8 million units or a share of 2.7% of the market.

And Microsoft”s Windows sold 2.7 million units or 1.9% share down from last years 2.6%. Only BlackBerry and Windows saw a drop from their market share.

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