YouTube and Google warn MP3 converting sites


Google is on the attack as they try to crack down sites that convert music from their video sharing site, YouTube, into MP3.

According to TorrentFreak, one site, , has received a letter from Google that warns the owners of the former that converting videos to MP3s violates YouTube’s terms of services.

Google acquired YouTube back in 2006. The company has also barred the servers of from gaining access to YouTube.

A YouTube spokesperson said, “We have always taken violations of our Terms of Service seriously, and will continue to enforce these Terms of Service against sites that violate them.”

Last December, the Recording Industry Association of America cited that this sites cause a major problem and gave a grade on how well Google protects copyrighted material. The group said, “YouTube hosts videos explaining how to ‘game’ the Content ID system, and hot to rip the audio content to create an MP3 file from a music video.”

YouTube has been pressured by the top record companies to do something about the MP3 conversion problems. The company has been spending huge sums of money to license music videos and enable users to incorporate music into their clips for free.

Can Google and YouTube do something about this problem? How about those sites which offers YouTube downloaders that comes with free MP3 converter?

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