Spotify rolls out Android update


Spotify has rolled out a number of updates for their mobile app for Android. These updates include better social integration and a an improvement on the user interface, which is now faster and sleeker than previous versions of the app.

The announcement came just barely two months after Spotify rolled out a redesigned and revamped Android app. This new app became available in the Google Play Store since yesterday and is free.

The new features include a slide-out navigation, a significant upgrade in quality and the ability to check friend’s social media pages and playlist. This comes with a full support of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

According to VP for products at Spotify, “For all our Android users, this Spotify update is a huge leap forward. We’ve rebuilt it from top to bottom, making it faster, slicker and much better looking.”

Spotify announced recently that they are keeping their service for free in the US. For free users, Spotify only gives you a limited 10 hours of streaming music per month.

It is still unknown for how long will the service remain for free in the US.

Is Spotify a great way to promote camaraderie and update friends? Or do you only use it for streaming music online?

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