North Korea launches cyber war against South Korea


South Korea – Seoul’s Metropolitan Police Agency has discovered a cyber attack from a North Korean Reconnaissance General Bureau.

The cyber attack was from shipped games to South Korean users that were infected by malware. It then launched a DDoS attack on Incheon Airport’s official web site.

In a report by JoongAng Daily, they said that a South Korean man traveled to Shenyang, a city in the northeastern part of China. He allegedly met agents from a North Korean trading company. He requested for them to develop a game that can be used in South Korea.

Then, the man named Jo purchased a dozen of computer games software for millions of won. Jo knew that the games were infected with malware, but still decided to sell them in South Korea for gaming fanatics and online game operators.

When users in South Korea used the games, their computers turned into zombies, through which the attack was launched.

This was the second recorded attempt by North Korea to attack South Korea in recent months.

Those who purchased the game in South Korea were said to have knowledge of the malware it contained.

During the 90’s, a similar cyber attack was recorded. A malware coder participated in a coding contest. The latter purposely backdoored his game and then was shipped to thousands of subscribers on a magazine-branded CD.

Is this the beginning of a new front in cyber warfare?