Grooveshark Bluetooth Car Kit Review


Most techy drivers have their own Bluetooth Car Kit in their vehicles. These devices help us make calls while keeping both of your hands on the wheel.

What differentiates one from another is aesthetics and features. It doesn’t mean that the higher the value of your car kit, the better it is. Though features-wise, this may seem so. But the fact of the matter is, if an affordable Bluetooth Car Kit does the job for you, then why look for a kit with a heftier price tag?

The Grooveshark Bluetooth Car Kit by Livio is a device that acts as a bridge between you smartphone or media player and you car’s stereo. It receives audio via Bluetooth A2DP streaming or its analog input and then your car’s stereo emits the sound.

The Grooveshark has a variety of functions and customizable controls that can be synched with your Grooveshark app. When you purchase the Grooveshark Bluetooth Car Kit, you are automatically given a three month free service of the Grooveshark Anywhere service.

The Grooveshark Bluetooth Car Kit isn’t the best kit out there. If we speak about hands-free calling, it needs a lot of tweaking and has a lot of room for improvement.

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