Is your smartphone on Facebook 24/7?


According to a recent estimate, half of the smartphones are never disconnected from Facebook.

How did we get to this statistic? We live in the era of instant communication. Smartphones have replaced our need to call somebody with instant messaging. Then we became familiar with social media. We forgot texting and we got into a digital social world, where you can chat for free and instantly with any friend you have worldwide. Since Internet conquered smartphones, it was a matter of time for Facebook and the other social media sites to become part of our daily life. And then came obsession. It is our constant need to check whether we have any new notifications that led us to connect on Facebook from our smarphones and never disconnect.

How many of you really log out when you stop using Facebook? How many hours can you survive without checking what your friends are doing? And that’s when Dave Caputo, from Sandvine, mentioned that:

We are finding that 50 percent of smartphones are actually connecting to Facebook every hour of every day. (This is) not surprising when you see Facebook icons on the home pages of most websites.

This derives from Sandvine’s communications service provider customers and it shouldn’t surprise us.

After all, every smartphone has an easy access to Facebook.
What about you then? How often do you use Facebook from your smartphones?

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