Is Sexting prevalent among teens?


In a new study conducted by Donald Strassberg and his colleagues at the University of Utah, they found out that many teens are fond of sending sexually explicit photos and messages to their partners or peers.

Called as sexting, it is defined as sending sexually explicit SMS and semi-nude to nude photos to other individuals, using your mobile devices.

The study included freshmen through seniors in high school. The group surveyed about 606 students from a private school in the US. They asked about their experiences in sexting and their understanding of the consequences when doing the latter.

About 20 percent of those surveyed said that they have done so vie their mobile phones while about 40 percent said that they were able to receive an explicit photo in their mobile devices.

When asked about the consequences of the latter, 21 percent of those who participated in the survey said that there was no consequence. While others said that removal of phone privileges, school suspension, jail, pornography charges, community service, fine and sexual harassment charges could be faced by those who get caught sexting.

Different states in the US have different laws regarding on sexting.

If you catch a teen sexting, what punishment does he/she have to warrant?

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