Google vs Apple: Fate of two worlds


Apple and Google have been best buddies in the past. They shared CEOs and shared ideas throughout the development and growth of Apple. Now, they are more like bitter enemies in the smartphone wars. Each had a different approach, but continues to monitor each other for ways to topple each other’s works.

Despite the growing disdain for each other, Apple has yet to fully remove the trace of Google in their popular iOS devices, such as the iPhone. One can argue that one does not simply remove Google from the picture.

Google is the host to a large portion of the world’s internet needs. They provide news, a rocking search engine, powerful mapping software, an ever useful online document application that has now evolved to Google Drive – a cloud storage solution, an integrated calendar, and a host of other services, such as YouTube, and the new social media service, Google+. The fact is people rely on Google for just about anything internet-related, as well as non internet related needs.

Apple needed Google to provide these services to their phones and tablets so that users may connect to the internet as conveniently as they would on a computer. When Apple acquired C3 Technologies last year, everyone had one thought in mind. They were about to wipe Google Maps from the equation in the next releases of iOS. This has now come to fruition as Apple announced that they are going to present new mapping software by June 11 this year that will solidify their battle against Google by controlling their own mapping software, according to the reports from Wall Street Journal.

Google and Apple will now begin a battle of how they view and represent the world to their customers worldwide. Google was ahead of the curve for a very long time regarding mapping. In fact, the Google Maps integration in Android was one of the greatest selling points of the software. I have often relied on Google Maps to help me get to where I wanted to be. It provided great turn by turn navigation and map accuracy that they have developed and refined for many years with its growing database, including the addition of street view images. Google Maps, in many ways, have a clear advantage in this race. Apple really needs to make sure their mapping software is well up to speed once they release it.

The thing is, Apple may just have a few things under their sleeves that may just oust Google maps from Apple’s loyal fans’ minds. C3 Technologies developed a mapping software that is no pushover. It was labeled as “mind-blowing” as they have developed a 3D mapping experience that is sure to wow anyone. This is what everyone believes to be what Apple will put on the table by June 11. If the Apple map proves to be accurate and as useful as Google maps, plus the amazing 3D mapping tech from C3, Apple may just succeed in providing a worthy mobile competitor to Google’s mapping software.

C3’s 3D rendition of a Las Vegas strip

That is to say, if Google will just sit by and do nothing against this new threat. Google has always been on the lookout for Apple’s moves against them. They plan to play mind games against the tech giant by announcing their own improvements to their own mapping software just days before Apple presents theirs. Many speculate that Google will present their own 3D mapping solution in response to this new threat.

Will Google overshadow Apple’s announcement and maintain supremacy? Or will Apple start it all over again and take one more leap over the competition?

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