Asus accused of sexist tweet!


The Tweet that was supposed to inject excitement to the fans of Asus and the impending release of their Transformer AIO turned ugly, as netizens cried foul over their choice of words.

Asus Tweeted a photograph showing a female model with her back turned towards the camera and a caption which read, “The rear looks pretty nice. So does the new Transformer AIO.”

Asus immediately pulled the post from their feed. But unfortunately, a number of individuals have screen grabbed the photo and shared it in the Web.

The use of scantily clad females in booth’s or product promotions is a usual practice, said trade show expert Susan Friedmann. “You also must take into account where you are exhibiting. What might get you thrown into jail in Paducah would be par for the course in Tokyo,” she added.

Th practice of using this type of promotional gimmickry has seen its fair share of criticism.

A tech writer for Digital Trends, Molly McHugh said to the BBC at the 2012 CES that, “Seeing women in their booth babe attire… is confusing, because it’s sending this message of what my sex is here to do.”

Asus has since apologized for the sexist tweet.

Do you think “booth babes” are sexist?

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