Facebook unveils mobile security improvement


Facebook is revamping its security features for its mobile users, in an effort to improve the privacy and security of its members.

The company added three features to its mobile application, although you have to go to the mobile site to activate them instead of using the Facebook app installed in your device.

These new features include changes in login approval codes, control over content in your news feed and recovery of your account.

Android Facebook mobile app users can now get login approval codes through the app, instead of via SMS. This code refreshes itself every 30 seconds. The company says that they are going to roll the latter to other smartphones in the future. But as of the moment, iOS and non-Android users can get their approval codes via SMS.

The newsfeed feature is new to Facebook’s mobile app. Before, you can only report inappropriate content through your account via logging in to your Facebook account in your PC.Now, Facebook is working on reporting content through you mobile app.

Facebook has also expanded account recovery by using your mobile app. The company has allowed this by improving its social authentication tool to work on mobile apps.

Is this good news from Facebook?

Image Source: venturebeat.com