Draw Something game to arrive in CBS!


Draw Something has become very popular lately and it will be even more in the near future, since CBS is launching a show on it.

Draw Something is what the title says. It is a game that asks you to draw something and wait for your friends to guess it. It is like the popular Pictionary game, with a more social side. OMGPOP realised the social aspect of the Internet lately and created a game that became a huge success. But they probably did not expect that a “draw and guess” game could become so popular. However, the estimated 200 million buyout from Zynga, the 20.5 millions of daily active users and the total 3 billion drawings indicate that Draw Something is here to stay.

And now, Draw Something will become even more popular, since CBS decided to launch a TV game show that relies on Zynga’s famous application. According to Variety, Sony, Ryan Seacrest and Embassy Row will be among the producers, although there is no announcement about its on-air date. It is rumoured to be a game among celebrities and every day people, who test their drawing skills, trying to earn money. The difference with Pictionary and other similar games is that Draw Something TV show will include devices, like phones and tablets.

Are you waiting for the show then? Do you like Draw Something?

Image Source: xblog.gr