ChoreMonster: A parents new ally



Are you a parent having lots of difficulties in letting your kids do the chores?

Well, ChoreMonster is here to be your ally.

The new app makes doing chores enjoyable and gives reasons to your kid to get their chore done and keep you from doing all those things.

ChoreMonster has two versions, a kid version and a parent version.

The latter enables parents to set up task lists, set deadlines and give rewards and points for completed tasks. To monitor their children’s progress, parents are given the option to “deny” or “accept” a completed task.

For the kids app, this gives your child to see what needs to be done and the corresponding rewards and points for completing such tasks.

Founder of ChoreMonster Chris Bergman says that reward systems gives “positive reinforcement” for kids to do their chores.

This app is great, cause it was developed to help engage both parents and their kids.

Bergman adds, “Sixty-two percent of kids under 12 have mobile devices.” With this he developed ChoreMonster to give benefits to both their parents and the young.

ChoreMonster is still in beta phase, but the full version of the app will be released sometime soon.

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