Android malware creators caught


Malware developers and hackers have targeted Android users as their new victims. With the influx of smartphones in the market, and Google’s Android being one of the popular operating systems, these scums have set their sights to unsuspecting victims.

But in Japan, 6 individuals who were found to be creating and distributing a malicious app via porn sites have been arrested by authorities.

The app which disguises itself as an adult video player for Android smartphones infects the device that charges a fee when using it.

The Android users that fell victim to the scam have reported that they have been receiving notices every five minutes demanding for them to pay. The notification read: “Please pay the fees as soon as possible. You need to confirm the unpaid amount. It totals 99,800 yen.”

The six who were caught had reportedly earned 20 million Yen from their scamming. About 9,252 individuals have downloaded the app. At least 211 individuals have reportedly paid for the services and fell victim.

Graham Cluley of Sophos said, “This type of attack is very similar to the Ransomware malware that we have seen on Windows PCs in the past. They prevent you from accessing your files or system, and can threaten to expose embarrassing information about you.”