Yahoo Launches the New Axis Browser


Yahoo has launched a new browser to compete with the established browsers that are already in the market. The new Axis browser is a move to get Yahoo kicking, after experiencing some hard times recently. The browser comes after the company named a new CEO and is placing itself to be the leading browser in the market.

Yahoo claims that Axis, the new browser, is faster and smarter than the other browsers. The axis browser facilitates the users to search and interact with the results, without leaving the page they are in. This is something that does not exist in other browsers. The Axis integrates with a desktop browser and connects the online experiences with multiple devices. This means that the axis enable the users to move across devices. Sample this: you start the search on the computer, then check out the results on the iPad or even on the iPhone. This is because the search results are saved on the Yahoo servers, which recognize the user. The axis browser will run on iOS devices and in a desk top plug in HTML5 enabled browsers.

The Axis browser will give answers on search findings instantly and visual previews of them. This will enable the Internet users to keep exploring content while at the same page. The axis is also customizable to become the homepage, with the ability to gain fast access to favorite sites and bookmarks. You can also save pages to read later and this will be reflected across all devices, no matter which you were on. Interesting content can be easily shared on social media platforms.

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