TNT Overtime brings basketball viewing to a whole new level


The NBA Playoffs is heating up and the 8 teams that are left are battling it out for the much coveted championship. But one match up that is interesting to watch is the LA Lakers and Oklahoma City Thunder debacle. Remember what happened between Ron Artest and James Harden a few weeks ago?

Unfortunately for some, some games are being shown in live television while some are not. Well, fear no more as the magic of streaming video enables NBA fans to watch any game they want in a way that they’ve never seen before.

Thanks to TNT, fans can now watch the games live using their computers. What’s good about this is that TNT Overtime brings you at-home action with multiple camera angles.

TNT Overtime splits the screen in four ways. One camera is focused on the home team, the other focuses on the away team. The third shoots aerial shots from a “Backboard Cam” and the fourth one gives a shaky, close up shots from the floor for a more visceral perspective.

You can opt to make just one screen your fullscreen view. You can also opt to choose to make the three other camera angles into smaller windows for you to still view whole action of the game from different perspectives.

The only thing that is not provided by TNT Overtime is a six pack and a bunch of ribs.

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