Startup makes sending out invites a breeze


Ever had the problem of getting your friends to attend a party out for some drinks and have a good laugh? At this day and age of electronics, we sure don’t have a lot of reasons for someone not to be invited. Sending an SMS or an email invite is as easy as keying in a few buttons.

Still it remains a mystery as to why some individuals still can’t receive these said invites. Lost text messages or unseen Facebook invites? It could really be the reason behind that.

A start up mobile app is trying to change all these. Developers Elliot Goldwater and John Zurbach created an app that uses the contacts list in your phone and not those from your social networking accounts.

The mobile GiddyUp was created for these types of situations. According to Goldwater, “We pull directly from your contacts list, which we think is your truest social network. Those are the people you rely on, at the last minute, or on any given Friday to meet up with on a whim.”

GiddyUp’s interface is simple. It has three tabs – Home, Create and FAQ. On the home page, individuals can view events that they will attend and access the individual chat bar. The recipient of the invite need not have to download the GiddyUp app to access the details of the event.

The app was a result of more than a year of fine tuning the product and was launched about a couple of weeks ago.

Goldwater added, “Traditionally you think of Evite, Facebook events and Paperless Posts as the traditional medium for planning events – birthday parties, wedding showers and more formal things. What we want to capture is everything from what’s happening later tonight, leading up and including those events.”

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