Socialcam protects users from accidentally sharing videos


Video sharing has seen a rise in their followers as this tool makes communication even more fun and nostalgic. A number of developers have created apps that enables individuals to share videos to their friends and online. The problem is, sometimes these videos are shared to the wrong individual much to the dismay of the one sending it.

A popular video sharing app has created ways that makes sure that the videos we share are shared only to the right individual.

Video sharing app Socialcam has made strides to prevent inadvertent sharing of videos.

Director of The Future of Privacy Forum Jules Polonetsky said CNET that the developers of the app told him that they are making changes to address the concerns that was brought up to them by users.

Polonetsky said, “Two weeks ago I saw a rabbi in my network share a bikini-type video. Facebook posts are full of friends clicking to view these videos,” he said that the video was mistakenly shared.

Polonetsky added that the Socialcam team made changes to prevent this from happening again. He said, “Kudos tot hese guys for both responding quickly – with a tiny team of developers, while their apps were picking up millions of new users a day. Will the changes make a difference? The one thing we have learnt over the years is that privacy folks are not consumer experience experts. A notice may seem logical to us, but to users it is a confusing UI. Testing with actual users is the only way to tell.”

Image Source: stateoftech.ent