Roccat unveiles Savu for gamers


Gamers have always been special. Companies have been creating specialized devices to suit their needs to improve their gaming experience. From high-end motherboards, heat sinks, keyboards, you name it, companies have developed it.

Gaming mouse is not excused from this. The once 2 buttoned mouse has evolved into a multi-buttoned device that can make life easier for them.

German manufacturer Roccat announced the release of their latest gaming mouse called Savu. This hybrid device was developed to combine performance and user-customizable features.

The Savu was unveiled during the CeBIT last March. It has a 400, 800, 1600 and 4000 DPI using an R3 sensor as well as Easy-Sift [+] technology. This allows the user to assign multiple functions per mouse click and the scroll wheel.

The Savu has a total of seven button with can be programmed to 12 functions using Easy-Shift[+].

You can also customize the lighting system that complements the Roccat Achievements Display. This system tracks multiple statistics such as movement of the mouse, button clicks and scroll steps. Users can share these stats in Facebook if they want to.

The customizable light bar enables users to choose between 18.8 million colors.

The Roccat Savu is now available in major retailers and is priced at $59.99.

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