Social networking may lead to crime!


TechNewsGadget would like to remind you that social networking sites are not to be used to post personal and private information, including photos that can lead to unwanted circumstances.

Another incident happened in Australia when a teen posted photographs of her grandmother’s retirement savings in a social networking site. This came about when she helped the latter count her savings and posted an image of the cash in her Facebook account.

A few hours after she uploaded the image, her mother had unexpected visitors.

Two individuals, with knife and a wooden club in-hand, arrived in her home. She reportedly told the robbers that her teen daughter no longer lives there. The robbers burglarized her anyway by getting the little cash she had and a few items from her home.

The report said that it is unclear how the robbers got hold of her address, though it is clear that Facebook, the well known social networking site, led them to robbing her mother.

The last lines of the police report read, “The incident prompted police to remind users of social media to take extreme caution when posting photographs and personal information.”

It is good to note that grandmother’s savings were left unscathed as the robbers went to the wrong house.

Please be reminded not to use social networking sites as a means to brag.

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