Yahoo decided to discontinue Livestand


Livestand may have failed to stand on its own as Yahoo has pulled the plug on the tablet magazine barely six months after they unveiled it.

Yahoo announced their decision last Friday in their efforts to turnaround their fledgling business.

The company announced a month ago that they will be closing about 50 Yahoo services that have been not performing up to par.

Former Yahoo CEO, Scott Thompson, drew up the plan even as his term on the company was shorter than Livestand’s lifespan. The former was forced to step down after it was found out that he wrote down incorrect information on his bio.

Interim CEO for Yahoo, Ross Levinsohn, didn’t mention if the intended number of services will still be removed from their roster. Though a post on the company’s corporate blog indicated that they will be closing services, but failed to give a precise number.

The post said, “When we discontinue products, it will be so that we can focus on opportunities where we lead and where we can create the most meaningful experiences for people using our products, and for our partners, developers and advertisers.”

Livestand features a software that enables users to customize their settings to suit their the topics that they want to read from Yahoo and other publishers.

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