Angry Birds helps Rovio earn $106.3 million


The popular and viral Angry Birds by Rovio is a massive hit that resulted to the latter being considered as one of the top mobile game developers in the world. Individuals from all ages got hooked to their seemingly ridiculous but entertaining creation.

On Monday, the company announced that they were able to amass $106.3 million in sales based on their success of their Angry Birds game and merchandising from the latter. This figure doesn’t include sales from all their other games.

According to Rovio CEO Mikael Hed, “The strong growth in revenue clearly demonstrates the popularity of the Angry Birds brand. The heavy investments made in 2011 to all business areas will be seen in future products. To ensure continuous success we need to be creative and stay focused on entertaining our millions of fans by continuously developing new and innovative products and services.”

The company has released three Angry Birds games last year namely, Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio. These games were downloaded about 648 million times and have roughly 200 million active monthly users.

They are expecting to continue to grow their business this year.

Hed added, “We are very optimistic about 2012 due to significant investments in product development, cutting-edge branding, brand protection and corporate infrastructure.”

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