iPhone 5 concept video creates stir


A video created by AatmaStudio took the Web by storm as they try to predict what Apple’s mobile assistant Siri can do to the iPhone when you enter the wrong unlock code or password to the device three times. The video shows the iPhone cracked screen rendering it useless to the thief.

According to the video, the data on your smartphone quickly transfers to your iTunes account so as for it to be protected and you can still access it even if you’ve lost your iPhone. The phone then wipes out all the data in your stolen device.

Valuewalk.com says that you will be notified on iTunes and that the data recovered on your stolen phone is now available on your account. Siri then bids you farewell before it bricks the phone.

The video entitled “Siri Hidden Feature on iPhone 5” was made by those were responsible for the iPad 3 concept videos. The company released a video that had a 3D multiplayer hologram for gaming enthusiasts. This will enable viewers to view a movie in two different iPads thus allowing you to view the film on a bigger screen.

The video was uploaded to Youtube last month and has about 120,000 views as of April 30.

Image Source: smartphoneenvy.com