Google Translate now on Gmail


Google is battling all other email providers with their new features that could potentially increase their subscribers and continue their good fortunes.

The company announced yesterday that they are going to release their automatic message translation option to all Gmail users these upcoming days. This will translate foreign languages that are included in your email to a language you can understand with just a simple click. You can also reply to the sender in his native language by using this new feature.

According to Jeff Chin, product manager for Google Translate, he said that this is one of the most popular features in Gmail Labs. The company has been using this feature since 2009 but just released this to the public yesterday.

Chin wrote in a blog post, “We heard immediately from Google Apps for Business users that this was a killer feature for working with local teams across the world. Some people just wanted to easily read newsletters from abroad. Another person wrote in telling us how he set up his mom’s Gmail to translate everything into her native language, thus saving countless explanatory phone calls.”

You can simply turn the option off if you don’t want to use the feature.