iPad tips and tricks II


Are you keen on maximizing the abilities of your iPad tablet? Well, a number of individuals out there would want to do just this. Unfortunately for some, this would seem difficult for them as “technophobia” would probably sink in due to the fact that they might tweak something and fail to revert to their previous settings.

This is the second part of iPad tips and tricks that is aimed to help you ease through your iPad tablet.

Have you experienced accidentally deleting an app on your tablet or have deleted an app but now you want it back –especially if you’ve paid something for it? Just proceed to the App Store and download the app again. Look at where the price is located, is should say “Install” instead of “Free” or the price of the app. You can also go to the Purchased icon at the bottom and select “Not On This iPad” and you’ll see app that is associated with your iTunes account.

How about those purchases like virtual icons that your kids buy, without them knowing that you have to pay for this of course. Can you turn them off? You can simply go to Settings>General>Restrictions and tap Enable Restrictions at the top screen. You can then choose to adjust whatever it is that you want to adjust. If in-app purchases is all you need to restrict, then slide the tab over “In-App Purchases”.

More to come in the coming days.

Image Source: ipadapphost.com