Augmented reality and Google glasses for lifecasting



This is the future of augmented reality. If there was any moment where I would throw my money on the screen, hoping to get something, this is it. Shut up and take my money is a strong cry of many geeks and non-geeks alike upon the first glance of the concept video of Project Glass’ Google Glasses and its augmented reality interface. These fabulous glasses are said to work like your mobile phone. It allows you to text, call, navigate using Google Maps and browse using Google Voice commands on a pair of sleek eye glasses.


Looking at the Project Glass, people are reminded of Vegeta’s Geigar Counter, sprouting a lot of “over 9000” jokes among commenters. Some would tackle the possible future issues that may arise from this technology. Some say that having something like a mobile phone’s screen plastered right in front of you, while walking or driving, may prove to distract you and cause accidents, while you are so focused on the augmented reality interface. While these may be true fears, it’s the same thing whether it is a pair of glasses or a separate mobile phone; it’s everyone’s responsibility to be careful on how they use their gadgets.

Sample of the feared augmented reality

The previous concept video shares how Google Glasses can be used to navigate with Google Maps’ turn by turn navigation, to text, to get reminders, and make video calls using Google+. Very recently, someone had posted another possibility of usage for these glasses in the future. Lifecasting. While it may be very awkward to carry and position a mobile phone or camera in front of you to take videos or pictures of life’s moments in public while you record you life’s moments, having a convenient camera positioned right at your line of sight proves to be a very tasty treat. Not only that, you are able to perform your duties with both your hands free, while using the augmented reality interface and voice commands, all the while taking these videos and then sharing them simply by using these Google Glasses. It provides another way to share life in your shoes, in your point of view, without the need for a mobile phone in your hand.


Sample photo with Google Glasses while playing with their child

Just think of the possibilities that you are not normally able to do with your mobile phone. You can take a video of your road trip, take a video of your hands playing the piano while you give teach, or simply share a video of you spotting some celebrity in the mall while shopping. You can follow turn by turn navigation with Google Maps in you overhead display like in a video game. All of those moments where you wish you can view something at the same time you are taking a video of it, without looking awkward or shaking because your eyes are focused on the real thing, can now be a possibility.

View the latest ‘leaked’ video of Google Glasses below:


  1. After America gets it. Haha. Seriously, It takes a while before they roll out things like these. Google has the habit of testing the waters on American soil first before even thinking about making it worldwide.

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