Android and Kindle Tablets sales down during the first quarter


It would seem like that the tablet is the new “in-thing” for people out there in the world. After its inception, it looked like nothing could stop the tablet from gaining sales and achieving worldwide domination.

Yet, according to data coming from market research firm International Data Corporation, overall tablet sales went down by 1.2 million units during the first quarter of this year. Although sales of tablets went down, the good news is that Apple’s market share grew to 68 percent leading the way for tablets revival the rest of the year.

The research firm estimated that during the first quarter of this year, about 18.6 million units of tablets would be sold. But actual sales was only pegged at 17.4 million, 1.2 million units lower than that was predicted.

The surprise here is the Android sales drop. Apple remained strong after selling about 12 million iPads. But Android based tablets market share dropped to 32 percent.

Amazon, on one hand, also saw a fall in their first quarter sales. After selling almost five million units of the kindle Fire, the company only sold about 1 million units this quarter.

Though the numbers aren’t great during the first quarter, IDC still sees a growth in the tablet market this year and the following years to come.

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