WordPress lords over other web publishing platforms

So who really is the most frequently used platform when pertaining to blogs in concerned?

Well, a survey by Pingdom reaffirmed WordPress’ stand at the top after garnering almost 49% of the top 100 blogs being used in the world. Custom blogs was at a far distance at 14%.

According to WordPress founding developer Matt Mullenweg, “The last few years we’ve really focused on both the usability and flexibility of WordPress, which has resulted in accelerating growth in both big and small sites. I expect even higher adoption among the largest sites and blogs over the next year.”

Popular sites that use WordPress’ Web publishing platform are CNN Political Ticker, Mashable, Boing Boing, ArtsBeat, Grist, TechCrunch, Hollywood Life and this website TechNewsGadget.

The company has improved usability and flexibility for bloggers. Feature such as WordAds that lets users generate money by posting ads in their blogs and Free Mobile apps that lets them make text and image updates to their blogs via a mobile device.

Previous users of other platforms such as TypePad, BlogSmith and Moveable Type have migrated to WordPress. The survey also notes that for the past three years, the latter has enjoyed a 32% increase in its users.

Image Source: wordpressexpert.net

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