The Transition makes maiden flight


Cars that have the ability to fly can normally be seen in movies and not in real life. But the future of driving might just be a few years away as Woburn, Mass. based company Terrafugia Inc. announced that their prototype flying car has successfully concluded its maiden flight.

Called the Transition, the car can seat two individuals, has four wheels and has wings that are foldable so it can be used in city streets without having those protruding things out there. The car was able to fly for 8 minutes and reached 1,400 feet in the air.

About a hundred individuals have already paid the $10,000 deposit for the car. Analysts expect those numbers to balloon as the company is set to unveil the Transition to the public later this week at the New York Auto Show. It is expected to cost at around $279,000.

The US government has already granted Terafugia’s request for special tires and a glass that is lighter than normal windshields in vehicles. The government has also temporarily exempted the Transistion from the requirement to equip vehicles with electronic stability control. This would lighten the vehicle about 6 pounds. The flying car is currently texting batteries of automotive crash tests to make sure it meets federal safety standards.

The Jetsons might be a real thing then.

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