Symantec discovers 96 apps that steals information


Security software developer Symantec found a total of 96 apps in Google Play that has been said to have the ability to steal personal and sensitive information of users in Japan.

They are worried that these apps may have also been stealing information from other downloaders from other countries.

They warn other Android users out there to be more cautious in downloading and installing apps in their devices.

The company has positively identified 29 of these apps to seven developers and they confirm that these are malicious. What they discovered is that these programs have the same programming code. So they are assuming that is comes from only one individual or organization.

According to a report, these apps were not related to games. These were random apps that were erotic in nature, a recipe app, a diet assistant app and a contact management app. The report also found out that the downloads for these apps were low so last March, a number of apps were released. These apps all ended with a “the Movie” in its names.

Symantec says that Android users must read through the permissions first before installing it. If suspicion arises then you must refrain from installing those apps.

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