State and telecommunication companies fight to stop stealing phones


Have you ever experienced having lost your phone may it be through crime or just by simply misplacing it?

It is such an arduous experience. Having lost all your contacts and data saved in it would cause you an enormous amount of stress.

Now, The Federal Communications Commission has agreed with major Telecommunication companies to thwart individuals from using your stolen or misplaced phone.

The FCC released a statement that reads, “Within six months, when Americans call their participating wireless provider and report their wireless devices stolen, their provider will block that device from being used again. This system will be rolling out globally using common databases across carriers over the next 18 months.”

The pact was announced by the FCC, US top wireless service providers namely, AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint, Sen. Chuck Schumer and several police department chiefs.

Senator Schumer is also going to introduce a bill to make altering or tampering a phone’s IMEI number into a federal crime. According to Schumer, “Our goal is to make a stolen cell phone as worthless as an empty wallet.”

This comes as a stern warning to thieves who prey on individuals and make snatching as a means of living.

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