Powerful Xbox 720 to be released in 2013


Sources have said that a new Xbox console will be released just in time for the holidays next year.

According to TechRadar which cites VG247 as their source, the new console will be named Xbox 720 and will be more powerful than previous versions of the device.

Sources of VG247 have confirmed that the Xbox 720 is like two PCs rolled into one with graphic cards said to be equivalent of AMD’s 7000 series GPUs.

This next generation Xbox will have a built in Kinect and will also be connected to the Web. The latter is thought to be an anti-privacy measure for the games.

If Sony’s latest console is dubbed as the Orbis, Xbox’s will be called Durango. This is due to the Durango summit in London for developers last February 2012.

Microsoft is not expected to release a statement regarding the leak or anything about the Xbox 720 anytime this year. Sources have even stipulated that the company is not going to unveil their latest contraption in any gaming expo.

We should also expect that the latest console will carry a Blu-ray drive for those games that has multiple DVDs.

If only Microsoft fixes the bug that was reported yesterday in this website.

Check it here: http://technewsgadget.net/2012/04/02/hackers-can-retrieve-info-on-your-old-xbox-360-consoles/.

Image Source: 4logpc.com