Lock My Screen app a dud?


People are aghast after finding out that an app that they paid for and installed in their iPhones is a fluke.

A misleading iPhone app that disguises itself as a lock screen has drawn the ire of thousands of iPhone users after they felt that they were misled by the apps developers into believing that they were purchasing a security app for their device.

The app named Lock My Screen fronts itself as a security system for your iPhone. It was initially sold at 99 cents but it saw a price increase and is now being sold at $1.99. GottaBeMobile reported that the app was being marketed as a system that “helps you create a specialized unlock screen that increases security.”

Unfortunately, the app doesn’t really lock your screen. The Lock My Screen application only lets buyers choose wallpapers that looks like that the iPhone screen is locked. It does nothing to improve the security of your device.

Developer of the app Fabio Junior has placed a disclaimer at the bottom of the app description which says, “Security is provided by the illusion of an impenetrable locked screen. The app does not actually lock your screen nor provide new unlock features.”

Image Source: mzstatic.com