Attractive friends makes you popular online


Here’s another reason why to collect attractive friends in your Facebook profile.

According to a new study done by Dutch researcher Piet Kommers, as told to AFP, signs of reproductive fitness are a big factor in the way that people make friends.

Kommers said, “People are attracted by other people who look very healthy, happy and productive in a sexual sense. That is an accepted evolutionary law. The very pure healthiness aspect is still is hard to suppress that.”

Researchers from University of Twente made four Facebook profiles using photographs of a man and a woman that is thought to be “neutral” in a pre-test evaluation based on attractiveness.

Two profiles were created for each individual.

The profiles of the two are the same. This includes their address, date of birth, movies, music, TV shows and etc.

The researchers then viewed their profiles to 74 random individuals ages 21 and 31 and asked them to rate each profile based on social attractiveness.

They found out that 20 percent of those who responded are more likely to choose the individual whose profile have “attractive” friends.

According to the study, “The appearance of one’s Facebook friends in fact influences the perception of the profile owner. More specifically, the attractiveness of one’s associates on Facebook has a direct positive influence on one’s own social attractiveness.”

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