Food app helps you cook like a pro


Chef Gordon Ramsay’s contestants on his cooking show Hell’s Kitchen could certainly use this help.

Chef’s, cooks, housewives or just about anybody who loves to cook prepare your iPhones and Android devices., a popular social site that gives you recipes and enables you to share your cooking ideas and kitchen tips to a million more individuals who love to cook has updated there app for your gadgets.

What this app gives you is the ability to scan bar codes on items with a smartphone to look for recipes that call for those said items. You can also add things on the shopping list or the save items in a scan history to create a virtual pantry.

President of Lisa Sharples said, “With more than 11 million global downloads of Allrecipes’ Dinner Spinner, developing innovative new features that meet our community’s needs and complement our apps is a top priority for Allrecipes.”

More and more individuals are relying much on their smartphones. Here comes an intuitive idea that can make life easier for cooks out there. Memorizing a menu is great, but it is impossible to memories about a million of them.

If only contestants are allowed to use this app in Hell’s Kitchen.

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