Topless supermodel image used as in Mac malware


Users of Macintosh computers beware!

A new malware is spreading targeting your computers that uses photos of a topless supermodel to lure you into infecting your system.

Security firm Sophos said the malware, which is called OSX/Imuler-B, is using images of a Russian model Irina Shayk an FHM magazine cover girl.

Sophos said in a blog post, “By default, Mac OS X doesn’t display file extensions. Which means that Mac users might be duped into believing that the file they are about to click in is a JPG image, rather than an application. Mac users – learn from the mistakes of Windows users in the past. Think before you click, and don’t ever underestimate the ability of cybercriminals to exploit the most primal urges of computer users.”

They said that when you click on the file, it will automatically launch a Trojan that will also create a genuine JPG image of Shayk then delete itself afterwards.

Once done, the malware is no longer in the folder but is already in your Mac’s system.

Sophos added, “ Behind the scenes, the malware opened a backdoor to your computer and is uploading private information to a remote server. The trick of hiding a file’s true nature by exploiting an operating system’s default disabling of extensions is not a new one, of course. It’s something we’ve seen many Windows users be fooled by in the past.”