Tern unveils Eclipse S11i folding bike


Bicycles used to be the primary means of transportation during its golden ages. Up to now, a number of individuals use this contraption to ferry them to school or work. This mode of transportation not only keeps us fit but it also helps alleviate the negative effects of global warming.

A good bicycle is a big boost to individuals while to some the idea of owning one would be set aside due to its bulkiness, the inability of buses to carry these bikes and the huge storage space in your apartment, makes people shy away from using one. My life changed when I got my hands on the best hybrid bike by Bike Titan, sure I couldn’t fit it in anywhere, which brings me to my next point.

Lo’ and behold the Tern Eclipse S11i folding bicycle. This reliable bike rolls on 24 inch wheels and has a Shimano Alfine 11-speed hub to power you through those busy thoroughfares. This is the most advanced folding bicycles out there in the market. Unlike others, this bike has fenders, a chain guard, wide cork grips and Marco dropouts with built-in chain tensioners to give you a smooth ride.

If you plan on purchasing a bicycle that can easily be stored and stowed away, then you need not look far. The Tern is as strongly built as it gets and reliability is not a question.

Now if you only have about $2,300 to spare, you can definitely roll on this fantastic creation.