Scareware hides files and folders, charges $80 for repair


BitDefender developers have recently discovered a new scareware tactic threatens the victims that all their files and folders have disappeared due to hard disk issues and invites them to buy a disk repair utility that will solve the problem priced at $80.

The scareware is installed in the victims computer Win32.Brontok.AP@mm. It is a popular worm that spreads by attaching itself in an email to email addresses. It can also spread through USB drives.

The developers said, “It copies itself in every folder on the infected stick under the name of the folder. It adds an .exe extension that remains hidden from users. This is an indicator that it needs the user to recognize, trust, click and thus install it on the PC.”

The worm has the ability to disable antivirus and security software. The Brontok virus also doesn’t enable users to click on the “visible” settings for folders and files.

If the user’s gets tricked into buying the $80 fix that they are trying to advertise, beware. Even if you pay for it, this will still do nothing to restore the files and folders in their computers.

The best thing to do is watch what you install in your computer and avoid downloading email attachments that are not form trusted emails.

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