Samsung slaps another lawsuit on Apple


The battle between technology giant Apple and Samsung has reached a new level as the latter files a new lawsuit against the other in South Korea.

Samsung Electronics Co. said that it has filed another lawsuit that claims the iPhone 4S and iPad2 infringed on three of its patents.

The two leading companies are at war as they vie for solo leadership of the smartphone market. They have previously filed cases in Australia, Germany and the Netherlands to name just a few.

The three patents that Samsung is accusing of Apple infringing involve patents for the user interface, short text messages and methods of displaying data.

The two tech moguls have been fighting it out in courts the world over with over 30 cases in 10 different countries since Apple fired its first salvo of lawsuits last April. They claimed that Samsung “slavishly” copied their iPhone and iPad devices.

Samsung then countered with their own lawsuit accusing Apple of infringing their patents and failing to pay royalties.

Apple as a company have been bruising it out in courts against smartphone makers using Google’s Android platform. The latter is the fastest growing OS in the world and is a vaunted rival of the iPhone. The Android platform is being used by Samsung, Motorola and HTC to name just a few.

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