PC shipments to increase by 5% this year


Personal computers was very big before the turn of the millennium and on its early years. A year ago, PC sales went up but at a very low 1.8% compared to the previous year. But according to the latest forecast of International Data Corp., the industry will see a stronger expansion this year.

The technology market research firm expects PC shipments worldwide to climb by 5 percent this year. This figure when translated to number of PC’s is about 371 million. This is in part of the expected growth of the new ultra-thin notebook models and the introduction of Microsoft’s Windows 8 during the second half of this year.

About 215.4 million of new PC’s are expected to be shipped to emerging markets. 226.4 million on the other hand are expected to be portable models.

IDC vice president of client computing Bob O’Donnell expects consumer interest in PC’s to rise during the second half of this year.

He also added that consumers are confused as of the moment because of the introduction of Apple’s latest iPad to the scene. He said, “However, user surveys tell us that few people consider media tablets as replacements for their PC’s.”

Image source: secret.extrarisk.com